A Vision of your SAMPLE

Intelligent labeling systems

Samplision offers automated labeling of laboratory vials.

We combine proven labeling technologies with innovative software, new technical implementation and high flexibility. We develop systems that meet the “Paperless Lab” goal.

It goes without saying that we scan or verify samples.

We aim to enable seamless traceability of samples in the laboratory. We offer semi and fully automatic labeling machines and more.

  • SampliTag, the entry-level model for fully automatic sample labeling
  • SciPrint VX2 and VXL, in combination with a pump or feeder as a complete solution for all processes related to laboratory tubes
  • Integration friendly sample labeling with the SciPrint SOLO and MP2 microtiter plate labeler
  • HENm for labeling all blood collection tubes at Point-of-Care
  • SampliKIT, the complete solution for labeling, verifying, sorting and packing of laboratory tubes

Ask us if you want to implement ideas, maybe there is a common way.



Limesstrasse 17
D – 61273 Wehrheim

Telephone: + 49 6081 982550
E-Mail: info(at)samplision.de

A Vision of your SAMPLE