Accessories and Modules

Accessories Sci-Print VX series

2 D bottom or side barcode scanner

  • check-mark-1A 2 D bottom barcode scanner can be used to retrieve data as well as to verify the barcode.
  • check-mark-1The barcode data can be used either as import or export file.
  • check-mark-1Can be used with all standard 2 D bottom barcodes from Matrix, Brooks, Micronic, Greiner, LVL and others. Barcoded labels are easy to verify with the side barcode scanner./li>
  • check-mark-1A process control that is very easy to implement.
Accessories Sci-Print VX series

Liquid Handling Modules

Accessories Sci-Print VX series

Optimize your aliquoting of day-to-day quality control samples with our liquid handling
modules. Easily place source tubes or vials on the SampliTAG HP. Our modules can
handle pipette tips with a maximum tube size of 250 ml, while larger containers can
be processed with a special liquid handling module.

The selection of the appropriate liquid handling module depends on the desired
aliquoting volume and the source vessel. We can offer pipette tips, positive
displacement or a pump module.

Let us know your requirements and we will recommend the right solution for you.

Device: SampliTagHP

Capper / Decapper

Our capper/recapper is individually adapted to the tubes or vessels you use.

Before each aliquoting process, you have the option of first labeling the tube and
then filling it. In this case, the cap of the tube is removed before filling, the tube is
transported to the liquid handling station and closed again after filling. Labelling can
be added before or after this process.

Alternatively, the capper can also be used exclusively for removing lids.

Device: SampliTagHP

Accessories Sci-Print VX series

Weighing system

Accessories Sci-Print VX series

The weight control of liquids or solids in vessels is widely used in analytics.

Our weighing system offers the option of weighing vessels either before labeling as
empty vessels or weighing the filled tube after the process. The vibration-free
mounting of the balance ensures precise measurements.

Simply place a tube in the opening provided and have it weighed. The data is
seamlessly transferred to a CSV export file.

Device: SampliTag HP