Accessories and Modules

Fully automatic tube feeding via bulk feeders

The Sci-Print VXQ Bulk Vial Handler is compatible with a range of different tubes from 0.5ml to 15ml. The flexible design allows the user to easily change the tube types with the touch of a button.

The Scinomix VXQ is designed to work with the VX device series, the Sci-Print VX2 and the Sci-Print VXL.

Accessories Sci-Print VX series
Accessories Sci-Print VX series

Chiller Block – cooling block

The chiller or cooling block is a custom rack that keeps frozen tubes cooled while the tubes are labeled. Similarly, the sample contents can be kept cooled to achieve longer life.

  • check-mark-1For samples that come directly from a biobank
  • check-mark-1Keeps the samples cooled while labeling the tubes.
  • check-mark-1Can be used for labeling or relabeling of sample tubes.
  • check-mark-1Compatible with tubes in SBS rack formats, like Thermo /Matrix, Brooks, Micronic and LV
Accessories Sci-Print VX series
Accessories Sci-Print VX series

Peristaltic pump

  • check-mark-1A peristaltic pump that is easy to connect to the VX2 or VXL via a dispensing arm and working with easy exchangeable tubing.
  • check-mark-1Can be used for dispensing from 0.1 to 9ml.
  • check-mark-1Can be used with aqueous solutions
  • check-mark-1For larger quantities, another Watson Marlow pump is available with another pump head

2 D bottom or side barcode scanner

  • check-mark-1A 2 D bottom barcode scanner can be used to retrieve data as well as to verify the barcode.
  • check-mark-1The barcode data can be used either as import or export file.
  • check-mark-1Can be used with all standard 2 D bottom barcodes from Matrix, Brooks, Micronic, Greiner, LVL and others. Barcoded labels are easy to verify with the side barcode scanner./li>
  • check-mark-1A process control that is very easy to implement.
Accessories Sci-Print VX series