HEN mini

Category Fully automatic
Tube loading capability 20 tubes on a normal rack, or 10 tubes on a smaller rack, for a total of 140 tubes
Tube loading process Direct automatic loading
Compatility Tubes with a diameter of 12 – 16mm / length of 75 – 125mm (BD, Greiner, Ampulab, Insepak, Improve, Sarstedt, etc.)

width: 599mm

height: 396mm

depth: 199mm

Labelling type Tubes in horizontal position with label overlapping
Printing method Direct thermal printing, also on labels that are resistant to -50°C or liquids


Fully automatic

HEN mini Automatic blood collection tube labeler

Innovation in the preparation and management of the blood collection phase

Operational efficiency

  • check-mark-1Modular storage units
  • check-mark-1Integrated barcode reader for check in and check out
  • check-mark-1Robotic tube collection system for labelling
  • check-mark-1High automation: integrated on-board tube storage (up to 140 tubes)
  • check-mark-1High speed: over 300 tubes/hour
  • check-mark-1Able to manage all types of tubes (including Sarstred)
  • check-mark-1Immediate availability of blood collection materials (it is not necessary to wait for the whole kit to be produced)
  • check-mark-1Integrated barcode reader and label printer
  • check-mark-1Ideal for real-time label printing at the patient’s side

Easy management

  • check-mark-1Immediate and easy maintenance: easily accessible side door for label replacement
  • check-mark-1Easy tube loading with automatic alignment


  • check-mark-1Integrated auxiliary label printer
  • check-mark-1Automatic cutting of auxiliary labels with custom set Integrated
HEN mini – Automatic blood collection tube labeler – PICS

Ordering Information

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Table model

HENm 001C
Trolley model

TLP-HEN 1500
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