How does an RFID System work?

RFID tubes and scanners

The Cryogatt RFID Tagging System allows the lab and the biobank to quickly and easily remove and identify critical samples. Data is retrievable throughout the storage and life cycle and always associated with the sample.

The tubes are supplied with a worldwide unique RFID Tag. The storage boxes are also equipped with RFID tags. In addition, tags can be placed on racks, freezer racks and cryo containers.

If a tube is used, the removal and the position in the storage box are automatically re-registered.

During storage, each TAG is inactive until it comes close to an RFID scanner. Then it wakes up and its unique identity is confirmed, enabling communication with the software or database.

Any mistakes are immediately obvious, and the correct sample is always identified.

So you can secure your valuable samples. The Cryogatt RFID TAG is globally unique and can be used in cryogenic temperatures up to -196 ° C.

The complete system

The system is easy to use and connects to the laboratory's existing computer system, providing always complete traceability.

In contrast to conventional labeling systems, the Cryogatt RFID Tagging System is not subject to any loss or deterioration of the readability of the label.

An audit, as well as traceability of each sample is permanently possible. Even a physical audit of the sample takes very little time, because the Cryogatt scanner can decode complete boxes with tubes, even by icing or in the gas phase of the cryotank in seconds, since no line of sight is necessary.

A temperature increase in the handling of frozen material is reduced to an absolute minimum. This virtually eliminates the risk of sample damage.



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