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Barcoded Labeling - Why?

In many industries, bar coded products have rapidly gained acceptance. In hospitals and pharmacies, they are indispensable. They serve the control and traceability of products and processes, they simplify the identification and accelerate processes.

Barcode labels can be glued to almost any surface and also stored under different conditions. You can encrypt information in a barcode and print additional readable information on a label. Even if you cannot yet take advantage of barcodes toay, you have paved the way for unmistakable identification of the sample in the future.

There will be unique labeling requirements for all medicines in the future (mandatory from 01.01.2019). In some countries and areas there are requirements to cover the labels with a protective foil. These requirements and many others are covered by the term "serialization". These measures serve to protect against counterfeiting. The European Commission has issued the legal regulation. The measures are implemented in the individual countries.
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