Sci-Print BB Dispensing

Semi automated Metal Ball Dispenser

The BB Dropper is a small, bench-top instrument designed to dispense metallic BBs into microtiter plates, deep well blocks, and tube blocks. It is commonly used in a variety of agricultural labs for genome grinding and pulverization. 

The operating height of the dispensary mechanism is adjustable to accommodate various plate/block heights (up to 80mm) furthering its usability. Its microprocessor program allows for automatic operator prompting, device control, and error checking. With RS-232 control, the device can also be integrated into a robotic work cell.


  • Compact footprint saves valuable bench-top space
  • Eliminates repetitive injuries associated with manual systems
  • Removable cartridges designed to handle different ranges of BB (balls) diameter
  • Eliminates missed dispenses
  • Backlite LCD display to prompt user and indicate errors
  • Easily integrated into third party automation


The BB Dropper comes with removable cartridges that are specially designed to handle different ranges of BB diameters. Please check the table further down for part numbers and BB ranges for each cartridge. If you are working with a BB size not listed here please contact us for a custom cartridge information. The BB Dropper is working with compressed air. 



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