Sci-Print VX2 und VXL

Fully Automated Vial Handling

The SciPrint series, comprised of the SciPrint VX2 and SciPrint VXL are a standard line of fully automated tube and vial labeling systems. Both of these systems cater to a wide range of applications and provide full solutions for a variety of different labs.

Both units save lab space and can be extended by other modular equipment to a fully automated kit production line.

The VX2 has a 6 position SBS deck and the VCL a 12 position. Both labelers can work with a large variety of different tube types, like microtubes, cryovials and vacutainer in the range of 0.5ml to 50ml. Further applications like capping and recapping, filling, dispensing, picking and cherry picking are possible in one run by adding a pump or a bulk feeder. Custom specific racks are available in a large variety. Barcode scanners allow to either varify the barcode or to proof the code. Import and export into database or LIMS system can be programmed. A new OCR module for complete in-process control is coming soon. 

Documentation via log files is standard.


  • User friendly graphical windows based control software
  • Labels tubes ranging from 0.5ml to 50ml
  • Manual loading throughput of up to 750 tubes per hour
  • One System handles multiple tube types
  • Optional 1 D / 2 D Barcode scanner for data lookup or validation
  • Easily integrated into third party systems
  • Consistency of label placement
  • Eliminates human error that can occur from hand labeling


  • User friendly graphical windows based control software
  • Easy recall of multiple user- defined run parameters
  • Store multiple user-defined rack/plate configurations
  • Scripting available for easy LIMS interfacing
  • Configurable label definitions
  • Customizable label stocks
  • Multiple 1D and 2D barcode fonts
  • Enabled symbologies: Code 128, Code 39 (full ASCII), Interleaved 2 of 5, DataMatrix (2D) 
  • Full diagnostic and test utilities


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