Automatic Capper / Recapper


The RapidCap 2 – automatic capper / recapper was developed for laboratories that work with premium tubes in an automated environment.

The RapidCap2 is compatible with simple cryovials from 0.5ml – 2.0ml. The user can pour the lid loosely into the device’s receptacle. The lid dispensing chute was designed in such a way that the lids can also be discarded for decapping. The RapidCap is adapted to the customer’s requirements at the factory. This saves valuable time when setting up the device.

  • check-mark-1Compatible with all types of cryo tubes from 0.5ml to 2ml
  • check-mark-1Adaptable to different lid types
  • check-mark-1Fast cycle times: screwing on and screwing down in 4.75s
  • check-mark-1Factory preconfigured system ready for immediate use
  • check-mark-1User-friendly touchscreen
  • check-mark-1Easy to use software
  • check-mark-1Color sensor for detecting the lid color
  • check-mark-1Bench-top device with a small footprint (60cm W x 51 cm D x 58 cm H)
  • check-mark-1Can be integrated into third-party devices
RapidCap2 – Pics
Video RapidCap2