Basic Unit
  • check-mark-1Touchscreen control panel
  • check-mark-1Integrated tube reservoir for 500 tubes
  • check-mark-1Automatic correct alignment of tubes in carrier
Category FeednSorter



Length: 600mm

width: 300mm

Depth: 40mm

weight 12 kg
power 230 V
Feeder and Sorter


Absolute flexibility when labeling.

From now on you only order loose tubes in bags because the sorting of Tube to Carrier has never been so time efficient and easy. Save valuable resources by reusing your empty carrier, save manpower and you are taking time management to a new level.

Within 2 minutes the FeednSort automatically fills a carrier in SBS format with 48 tubes and the equivalent of 96 tubes in less than 5 minutes.

We are flexible when it comes to the choice of tubes.

The SampliFeednSort comes with either a 4 position SBS worktable or alternatively delivered with a worktable for 2 of 9 x 9 or 10 x 10 boxes.

For integration, the worktable can be equipped with just one SBS position and an extended stage. Thus, you can use your liquid handling platform or usefully supplement other automation systems

With the two-in-one device SampliFeednSort will solve two problems. Feeding as well as sorting are covered by the device.

The device has a very small footprint and fits on any laboratory workbench.

The low weight and small footprint also allow the SampliFeednSort to be used at different locations in the lab.

Features Benefits

  • check-mark-1Integrated sensors guarantee perfect tube alignment and detection
  • check-mark-1Flexibility in the use of the tubes
  • check-mark-1Touch display Easy to use
  • check-mark-1Compact and lightweight Fits on any laboratory workbench and is easy to move
  • check-mark-1Fast, easy to use, efficient
  • check-mark-1Compact and light
  • check-mark-1Fits on every laboratory workstation and is easy to move
  • check-mark-1Everyone can work with this device and optimize workflows
SAMPLISFeednsort – pICS

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SampliFeednSort- VIDEO

Optionscan be retrofitted at any time

  • check-mark-1model to integrate with
    extended stage
  • check-mark-1Camera system


SampliFeednSort 5001
base unit with 4 SBS positions

SampliFeednSort 5002
base unit with 2 cryobox 9 x 9 or 10 x 10 positions

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