Base unit
  • check-mark-1Single tube labelling position
  • check-mark-1Control software integrated
  • check-mark-1Tube diameter from 8mm – 40mm
    or custom design for larger vessel
  • check-mark-1integrated 600 dpi thermotransfer printer
Category Semi-automatic – integration
Operation via an external PC
Compressed air 6 bar main compressed air or compressor



length: 850mm

High: 405mm

Depth: 400mm

 Weight 46 kg
 Power 230 V
Semi-automatic – integration

SampliONE – Glass Ampoule and tube labeler

Glass Ampoule and Automatic Tube labeler, label tubes
individually, quickly and efficiently

The SampliONE is an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate all-around labeler, which significantly contributes to optimize the work processes in your laboratory.

In the research departments of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in biotech companies and large research facilities, it is necessary to use clearly identifiable sample containers. To make workflows as efficient as possible and the manpower requirements as low as necessary, the automatic labeler can be integrated into any existing system and work routines.

The easiest way is the integration via TCP/IP.

You send simple commands directly to the printer and can enjoy your simplified workflow. Small batches can be labeled quickly and individually. Your personal design, such as text, 1 and 2 D barcodes, can be designed independently via the web interface. The labeler can be controlled directly and without special drivers with little effort. We provide the protocol for this free of charge. A small script or program is usually sufficient for completely automated control. We are happy to help with script or program creation, as well as with integration into larger automation systems.

Furthermore, it is possible to integrate the wrap-around labeler into an in-house network.

The SampliONE is the perfect extension of an existing process or liquid handling platforms. It is uncomplicated, reliable, and easy to use. For small to medium-sized batches of tubes to be labeled, the device offers the best possible optimization of personnel and time.


  • check-mark-1Tube diameter from 8 – 40mm
  • check-mark-1Automatic applicator station
  • check-mark-1Control software
  • check-mark-1BBottom – or sidebar code Scannerr
SampliONE Glass Ampoule and tube labeler- PICS

Options can be retrofitted at any time

  • check-mark-1Barcode Scanner, Bottom or side Scanner
  • check-mark-1Color sensor for different colered caps or tubes
  • check-mark-1Camera System for process / label monitoring

Bestell Information

SampliONE 4001
Single tube Labeler

SampliONE-SP 4001-SP
Single tube Labeler, custom design