Base unit
  • check-mark-1Single tube labelling position
  • check-mark-1Control software integrated
  • check-mark-1Tube diameter from 8mm – 40mm
    or custom design for larger vessel
  • check-mark-1integrated 600 dpi thermotransfer printer
Category Semi-automatic – integration
Operation via an external PC
Compressed air 6 bar main compressed air or compressor



length: 850mm

High: 405mm

Depth: 400mm

 Weight 46 kg
 Power 230 V
Semi-automatic – integration

SampliONE – Single Tube Labeler

Automatic Tube labeler, label tubes
individually, quickly and efficiently

In many laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry, tubes, test tubes or other vessels are still used that do not meet a standard. Tubes and vessels are often already filled with liquid. To
convert this into an automated process, it is necessary to label different formats. With a label, the
sample can be clearly and easily identified with text or barcode. The labels can be serialized and
checked before use. The integration of a corresponding camera system with suitable software is
optionally available. The probability of errors is reduced, and automated processes are simplified.

The SampliONE is a single container labeller that can be used either as a stand-alone or
integrated. Different tube or vessel sizes can be used on the same device.

The functions of the SampliONE includes quick changes, simple operation, and method-based
control. The labeller can be configured with a variety of options, e.g., removable rollers for quick
changes to the tube sizes. Vessel diameters of 10-20mm, 20-30mm or 30-40mm are possible. The
integration effort is low because the software is web-based.


  • check-mark-1Tube diameter from 8 – 40mm
  • check-mark-1Automatic applicator station
  • check-mark-1Control software
  • check-mark-1Bottom – or sidebar code Scannerr
SampliONE – PICS

Options can be retrofitted at any time

  • check-mark-1Barcode Scanner, Bottom or side Scanner
  • check-mark-1Color sensor for different colered caps or tubes
  • check-mark-1Camera System for process / label monitoring

Bestell Information

SampliONE 4001
Single tube Labeler

SampliONE-SP 4001-SP
Single tube Labeler, custom design

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