Base Units
  • check-mark-110 position worktable for SBS format racks or custom format
  • check-mark-1Control completely integrated into the device
  • check-mark-1Operation via external PC, web-based software
  • check-mark-1Vacuum gripper, automatic tube and height detection, tubes from 20-130 mm possible
  • check-mark-1integrated thermal transfer printer, 600 dpi
  • check-mark-1Width843 mm
  • check-mark-1Height: 1400 mm
  • check-mark-1depth: 680 mm
  • check-mark-195 kg
Necessary connections:
  • check-mark-1Compressed air: 6 bar constant flow must be guaranteed
  • check-mark-12 USB-connections for Handheld Barcode Scanner, Memory Stick, RJ45 network connection
  • check-mark-1230 Volt
Process Solution

SampliTAG HP Plus – High Performance Tube Labeler
+ Liquid Handling

Safe sample preparation of quality control samples – Labelling, verifying, filling, capping, and recapping, weighing. Design individually according to your requirements

In quality control analysis, many samples are checked daily for various parameters. There are also time-critical parameters that must be analyzed. Depending on the size and type of company, these samples may also occur in shifts.

In many companies, the data for sample analysis comes from a LIMS system. The sample containers are often still labeled and filled manually. We developed the SampLiQua to standardize this process and automate time-consuming routine work.

Aliquots from larger containers or even smaller tubes that come from production can be aliquoted to a wide variety of tubes. Regardless of whether the samples are intended as reserve samples or samples are to be used directly for analysis, the SampLiQua can be used in a variety of ways. An on-board capper/recapper opens or closes tubes and a liquid handling unit, which can be selected depending on the requirements, pipettes the sample from the source tube and aliquots it into the desired tube. The tube, which has already been labeled, is now transferred to a carrier and can be promptly removed for further processes. The data for printing and possibly for the complete method come from a LIMS system. Detailed log files and the generation of audit trails ensure high process reliability and traceability.

This automation of sample preparation not only automates time-consuming processes, but also standardizes them. Incorrect assignments are greatly reduced. The unique identification of the sample by barcode and/or plain text is ensured. The tracking of the sample is already ensured at the beginning of the sample preparation. Paperless tracking is now becoming a reality.

The system can be supplemented with various modules such as liquid handling, capper and recapper, as well as weighing systems. Barcode scanners can either verify or identify. The SampLiQua represents an excellent alternative to expensive fully automated solutions for flexible small-scale production.

Other key features include sophisticated data management and retrieval. Secure internet-based software also enables remote control from a remote location.

The advanced data management system is based on SQL Server. 21 CFR Part 11 is possible on request.


  • check-mark-1Tubes from 20mm to 130mm in height and from 8 – 35mm in diameter
    Label, fill, open, close, and much more tube heights in one run on the same worktable. Application ranges from 20 – 130mm, whether internal or external thread tubes
  • check-mark-1Automatically height-adjustable labelling station
    No change required for other tube sizes; position programmable
  • check-mark-1Worktable with 10 SBS positions or special table for QuEChERS or other methods
    10 SBS position worktable or custom formats possible
  • check-mark-1Worktable easily interchangeable
    Different worktables can be used – Automatic Worktable verification
  • check-mark-1Interchangeable Vacuum Grippers – Parking space for vacuum grippers
    Automatic on-board exchange of vacuum grippers
  • check-mark-1Control Software
    Can be connected from different PC’s, web-based software
    User Management
  • check-mark-1Throughput per hour
    300 – 500 tubes per hour depending on application
  • check-mark-1Barcode Scanner
    Bottom- and or Side Barcode Scanner for all 1 D and 2 D Codes
  • check-mark-1Liquid Handling
    Peristaltic pump or positive displacement pipetting module
  • check-mark-1Capping / Recapping
    Capper / Recapper module to open and close tubes


Liquid Handling
Positive Displacement Pipette

  • check-mark-1excellent petting accuracy and precision
  • check-mark-1ideal for dispensing small volumes
  • check-mark-1no cross-contamination and carry-over
  • check-mark-1flexible: various tip sizes available
  • check-mark-1automation tip ejection
  • check-mark-1integrated liquid level detection
  • check-mark-1tip presence sensor
  • check-mark-1conductive tips necessary

Peristaltic pump

The smallest flip-top peristaltic pump is available. With an elegant body design of just 40 x 62 mm (width x height) it stands just 21.5mm (depth) off a panel mount. The flip-top design allows tube loading and unloading with ultimate ease.

  • check-mark-1Flow rates from 10μl to 200 ml/min
  • check-mark-1Flip-top design for continuous tube
  • check-mark-1Floating saddle for tube life > 2000 hours
  • check-mark-1Repeatability to 1% over tube life
  • check-mark-15 different tube sizes
  • check-mark-13, 4 or 6 roller configurations

Capper / Decapper

  • check-mark-1Capper / Decapper Modul
    Adjusted to the respective torque of the tube

Barcode scanner

  • Bottom and/or side barcode scanner
    check-mark-13, 4 or 6 roller configurations
    check-mark-1reading distance: 40 – 75mm
    check-mark-1camera resolution: 1280 x 960px
    check-mark-1Degree of protection: IP67
SampLiTAG HP Plus – Pics
SampliTAG HP Plus Capper Init – Video

SampliTAG HP Plus Get DiTi – Video

SampLiTAG HP Plus Liquid detection – Video

Available Module

  • check-mark-1Barcode Scanner, Bottom and or Side Scanner
  • check-mark-1Color sensor, detection of different colored caps or tubes
  • check-mark-1Direct printing process with inkjet printer
  • check-mark-1Peristaltic pump or positive displacement pipetting module
  • check-mark-1Capper / Recapper
  • check-mark-1Weighing

Order Information

SampliTAG HP Plus 2001
Automatic tube labeler, Base unit with 10 SBS position Worktable
SampliTAG HP Plus 2001-WT-001
Worktable with built-in detection
SampliTAG HP Plus 2001-100
Side and or bottom Barcode Reader
SampliTAG HP Plus 2001-LM
Automatic height adjustment for labelling station
SampliTAG HP Plus 3001-LD-03
Liquid handling module – positive displacement
SampliTAG HP Plus 3001-DC-01
Decapper with screw cap holder for cryo tubes
SampliTAG HP Plus 3001-DC-02
Decapper with screw cap holder for Falcon tubes