Base unit
  • check-mark-16 positions work table for SBS format racks or 4 cryo boxes in 9 x 9 or 10 x 10 format
  • check-mark-1Control completely integrated into the device (mini PC)
  • check-mark-1Vacuum gripper, automatic tube and height detection, tubes from 10 – 130 mm possible
  • check-mark-1Integrated thermal transfer printer, 600 dpi
Category Fully automatic
Operation Operation via external PC
Compressed air 6 bar, house compressed air or
external compressor

2x USB



width: 1250mm

high: 1110mm

depth: 620mm

Weight 33 kg
Power 230 V
Fully automatic

SampliTAG – HPLC and GC Tube Labeler

Automatic HPLC and GC Tube Labeler – labels different tubes,
fast and efficient

In many analytical laboratories, hundreds of HPLC and GC tubes are used every day. Unfortunately, the efficiency of many labs suffers from the handwriting or manual labeling of these tubes. This task can take several hours a day for a laboratory or, in the worst case, can hinder optimized workflows due to illegible handwriting.

With the SampliTAG, up to 10 different workgroups can send print commands to the automatic labeler, regardless of time and place. The device works in continuous printing, i.e. it labels permanently, and you still have full access to the device during the labeling process. Tubes that have already been printed can be removed and new ones can be refilled without interrupting the labeling process. Tubes always ready-to-use or just-in-time.

Send your data conveniently from your workplace to the device via a .csv file and then pick up the labeled tubes. This works because the SampliTAG Tube Labeler is integrated into your network. The user-friendly and web-based software not only makes the all-round labeler the perfect system printer, but you also no longer have any problems with software installations, Windows updates, or interactions with other programs. If necessary, we can upgrade the software to an audit trail (21 CFR Part 11).


  • check-mark-1Tubes from 10 mm to 130 mm height
  • check-mark-1Worktable with 6 SBS positions or 4 x cryo carrier positions or Custom
  • check-mark-1Over Labelling option
  • check-mark-1Worktable easily interchangeable
  • check-mark-1Interchangeable vacuum grippers
  • check-mark-1Web-based control software
  • check-mark-1Throughput per hour
  • check-mark-1Applicator station adapts automatically
  • check-mark-1Restart ability
  • check-mark-1Bottom or side barcode scanner


  • check-mark-1Labelling laboratory tubes of diff erent heights from 10 mm – 130 mm height
  • check-mark-1Label inner or outer threaded tubes
  • check-mark-1Outgoing and incoming inspection of samples with integrated barcode scanner
  • check-mark-1Import and export from and to databases or LIMS / LIS / HIS
  • check-mark-1Just-in-Time labelling from every PC in the lab
SampliTAGHPLC and GC Tube Labeler – Pics
Video SampliTAG

Video SampliTAG Gripper change

Fully automatic tube labeler, custom model

  • check-mark-1Barcode scanner, bottom, or side barcode scanner
  • check-mark-1Colour sensor, differentiation between different lid / tube colours
  • check-mark-1SBS carrier
  • check-mark-1Cyro Carrier – 9 x 9 or 10 x 10 format<
  • check-mark-1direct printing with inkjet on request
  • check-mark-1Carrier for HPLC tubes, Eppendorf tubes closed with snap lock, Precellys tubes etc

Bestell Information

SampliTAG 2001
Fully automatic tube labeller, basic model with 6 positions in SBS format

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