• check-mark-1600 dpi thermal transfer printer
  • check-mark-1Label printing on up to four sides on a microtiter plate
  • check-mark-1Easy integration into third-party systems
  • check-mark-1Use of many standard barcode symbologies, such as Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 by 5, DataMatrix (2D)
  • check-mark-1CE certified
Category Semi-automatic – integration
Operation Windows based software
Label size

height: 6,35mm

length: 50,8mm

Compressed air 5,5 – 6 bar
Connection Network: RS232 interface

width: 743,5mm

length: 192,3mm

depth: 349mm


Semi automated – integration

Sci-Print MP2

Semi-automatic MicroPlate label printer

The SciPrint MP2 is a semi automatic microplate labeler. With the labeler you can print and apply barcodes, 2 D codes, text and numbers on all four sides of a microtiterplate or deepwell block. It is perfect for integration, but you can also use it as a stand-alone device. The SciPrint MP2 has a rotating, height-adjusting platform that provides the flexibility to print on all sides of the plate and deepwell block.

Versatile software allows the system to be used as a stand-alone device, or integrated into automated plate handling systems.


  • check-mark-1Increase in efficiency and productivity in the laboratory
  • check-mark-1Diagnostic option for testing and setting up the system
  • check-mark-1Consistent labeling consistency
  • check-mark-1Small footprint saves valuable laboratory work space
  • check-mark-1Prints standard barcodes in 1D and 2D format


Areas of use and applications

Labeled microtiter plates and deepwell blocks are used extensively in many research laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics and large research institutions. Many advanced systems rely on barcodes to automate and document processes. The label print should be consistently legible and should be applied to the microtiter plate with an optimal orientation. If possible, depending on the configuration of the system, one or two labels should be applied to the same microtiter plate or on the narrow or long side. Flexibility is a valuable parameter.

In high throughput screening, many test sections are carried out by robots, i.e. the transfer and removal of microtiter plates and blocks is automated. Perfect readability of the barcodes is therefore essential.

Sci-Print MP2 – PICS