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  • Compact footprint saves valuable benchtop space in the lab
  • check-mark-1Unlike traditional bulk feeders, the VXQ is quiet
  • check-mark-1Throughput of up to 300 tubes per hour when integrated with SciPrint VX Series
  • check-mark-1The flexible design allows the user to easily change between tube types with the touch of a button
  • check-mark-1Saved parameters for each tube type can be easily called up via a touch screen
  • check-mark-1Works with a wide variety of tube types from 0.5 to 15 ml
Category Combined device
Power 220 – 240V

Width: 508mm

Height: 610mm

Depth: 432mm

    • check-mark-1User-friendly touch screen
    • check-mark-1User parameters easily programmable
Combination device

Sci-Print VXQ

Fully automatic tube feed via bulk feeder

The Sci-Print VXQ Bulk Vial Handler is compatible with a number of different vials from 0.5ml to 15ml. The flexible design allows the user to easily switch tube types with the push of a button.

The Scinomix VXQ was developed to be combined with the VX device series, the Sci-Print VX2 and the Sci-Print VXL. Both systems perform a variety of functions including printing and labeling, filling, screwing on and screwing on screw caps, and reformatting screw tubes.

An optional 2-D barcode scanner can be added to the systems for verification during label printing. In combination with a labeling system, the VXQ can process approx. 200-300 tubes (bulk goods) per hour.

Do you have blood collection tubes to label for study or routine use? Are you a manufacturer of diagnostic kits. Here, too, we offer solutions with our automatic tube feeder or the function of filling tubes using different pump systems.


The VXQ, automatic tube feeder, is an accessory that eliminates the process of manually inserting tubes into racks, thus providing additional walk-away time. Tube parameters have to be set once and can then easily be called up and changed via a touch screen. No complex software integration necessary. Can also be used with other devices.

Regardless of whether you need a higher throughput of labeled tubes in the research laboratory of the pharmaceutical industry, university or in a large research facility. We are the right contact.

Sci-Print VXQ – PICS