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No installation without detailed instruction.

We deliver your device and install it, of course. Afterwards, our employees will not only introduce you in detail to the functions of the device, but also set up your system so that you can work with it immediately. In addition, you will be informed about maintenance work and on request also in application questions, so that you can use your newly purchased device in the best possible and efficient way.

Maintenance ensures your quality standards to ensure long-term, stable results and high throughput, regular testing and care of the equipment is essential. Our services are based on your requirements. We offer customized maintenance packages. You choose the performance you need!

Maintenance contract and service contract

The lifetime and productivity of the instruments is considerably increased by regular maintenance and minimizes downtime of the equipment. You as a customer can determine the level of service according to your individual wishes and requirements in the laboratory. You can either choose a maintenance contract or Service Level 1, 2 or 3. The higher the level, the more intensive the care. We do not provide all service levels for all devices. Small devices we don’t usually offer the on-site services. You are welcome to order a warranty extension already with the device order.

Maintenance contract

To ensure optimum device functionality, we recommend annual preventive maintenance. Preventative maintenance is a separate service that can be ordered after the warranty has expired for certain equipment. This service can be purchased alone or as part of a service contract. Maintenance contracts usually include a hardware inspection to check the functionality of the device. Maintenance contracts do not require repair or service visits. Maintenance contracts are there to check the device. If a device is found to be non-functional during a maintenance visit, additional costs for additional repairs and replacement may be incurred. As part of a maintenance contract, standard wear parts are changed.

Service contract

Service agreements have a variety of content depending on the level of purchase. The levels are more extensive, the higher the level, e.g. Level 3 is more comprehensive than Level 1. Not all levels are available for all products. Please note the service specification for the respective product. We offer service contracts in different levels according to the complexity of the equipment and the ease of transport. For all devices we will first try to solve the problem by means of a telephone remote diagnosis and standard troubleshooting. You can choose from Service Level 1, 2 and 3. Details can be requested separately per device.