TDU Model
Fully automatic

TDU Model

High Throughput labeling of blood extraction tubes

Modular and expandable

  • check-mark-1Automatic labeling System
    The top label printer prints the patient information label and automatically attaches it to the tube.
  • check-mark-1Easy tube supply
    It accommodates large volumes of tubes into the inlet easily and quickly without the need to align the tubes. Up to 100 tubes can be supplied by inlet.
  • check-mark-1Expandable module
    BA modules can be expanded to suit the needs of the throughput. Standard BA consist of two-column configuration, with up to four columns available for further expansion.
  • check-mark-1System for recognizing the labeling position
    Label attachment position detection system detects the position of the original label before labeling, the clear window is ensured, allowing the user to check the volume of the collected blood samples. Exact placement of the label can be defined be the user.


We create software that fits. Samplision software is quite often custom developed so it aligns perfectly with your existing ways of working. This means easy adoption, minimal downtime and software that works how you want it to. The software is independent of the operating system and is operated via a browser.

There is a finely adjustable (multi) user management. Administrator, Super User, User or any other differentiation is possible. Each user only gets the ads and action options that have been assigned.

Data can be transferred from any system. Only hardware-related things (e.g. initialization, etc.) must be carried out on the local operating system. The data exchange can take place through customer-specific transfer formats, e.g. via CSV, direct database connection or LIMS. The same applies to the necessary or desired return values. The type and number of the transferred parameters can be largely defined, both fixed e.g. recurring texts, as well as changeable (dynamic) e.g. Counter. The software is database based. All necessary parameters are stored securely in a database (transaction).All actions are logged.

It supports (depending on the expansion level) certain certification levels e.g. FDA 21 CFR 11. It can be adapted in a manageable time frame according to customer requirements. The control of the hardware components such as tube handlers, labellers, printers, bag machines, etc. is carried out as far as possible and available through an error-detecting, in-depth communication and protocol system.

Label blood collection tubes

Taking blood from a patient into unlabelled blood tubes is one of the common causes of confusion. It is estimated that the proportion of blood samples taken from the wrong patient is up to about 10-15% of all blood samples.

To reduce these errors and even avoid them, blood collection tubes can be labeled patient-specific and, if desired integrated into a LIMS system process.

TDU Modul – PICS