Base unit Tube Handler
for tubes from 10 – 60mm
  • check-mark-1Tray table modifiable according to customer requirements
  • check-mark-1Control unit completely integrated
  • check-mark-1Vacuum gripper
Category Process solution
Operation Touchpanel
Compressed air connection 6 bar

3x USB

Network: RJ45


Width: 1250mm

High: 1090mm

Depth: 600mm

only base unit

Weight 75 kg
Packing speed 15 bags per minute
Bag size Width:
50mm – 250mmHöhe:
100mm – 430mm
Filling weight 1 kg




Labeler for blood collection tubes
not limited to manufacturer
Basic equipment
  • check-mark-1Mobile labeling system for up to 140 blood collection tubes
  • check-mark-1integrated customer-specific loading compartments
  • check-mark-1high speed over 300 tubes per hour
  • check-mark-1for all types of blood collection tubes also Sarstedt
  • check-mark-1integrated barcode scanner and label printer
Easy to use:
  • check-mark-1easily accessible side door for changing label roles
  • check-mark-1Simple loading of the loading compartments with blood collection tubes
  • check-mark-1Thermal direct printer, freely selectable label design
  • check-mark-1Integrated additional label printer for 1, 2, 3 or more labels/li>
Process solution

SampliKiT – production of clinical trial kits

SampliKiT for the production of clinical study kits

To create clinical study kits, valuable working time is often lost because many processes are still manual. Tubes are manually labeled, sorted and filled into bags. Data is assigned manually to the studies. Tubes are manually reworked both at the sample sites and later at the sample entrance.

With the SampliKit you gain valuable working time and have the process under control. Not only the process itself, also the tracking process is completely in your hands.

So far, you have left this task to service providers and CROs and want to control the process of your study kits yourself, then the SampliKit offers full flexibility in the use of different tube sizes and formats. The intelligent gripper can process different tubes on a single platform. An integrated and mobile barcode scanner attached to the gripper arm allows scanning of 1D or 2D barcodes during the picking process, thus increasing the working speed. No matter if the barcode is on the bottom or on the side of the tube, everything is legible.

Tubes with a height of 10mm – 60mm can be processed on the same platform. There is space for 10 x SBS format racks. The device is adaptable to all formats that can be used automatically. Contact us if you want to understand more!

On request, the device can be supplemented with a printer, a dispenser or a balance. The device has enough interfaces for importing or exporting data from LIMS / LIS or KIS.

  • check-mark-1Tube Handler Base for tubes from 10 – 60mm
  • check-mark-1Bagging Machine
  • check-mark-1Labeler for blood collection tubes – not limited to manufacturer
  • check-mark-1Tube Handling, packaging ready to use clinical trial kits
Tube Handler und Sorter KIT – Patienten-Kits – Pics
Video SampliKiT

Options can be retrofitted at any time

  • check-mark-1Weighing cell – Weighing of sample content / input and output control possible
  • check-mark-1Printer – Labeling of sample containers
  • check-mark-1Turning mechanism for capping and recapping – with stepless gripper only Dispensing pump – filling of tubes with buffer or any other solution
  • check-mark-1Reeding system for bulk material
  • check-mark-1RFID labeling on request
  • check-mark-1Examples of packaged clinical trial kits


Bag maschine
  • check-mark-1Packing speed: 15 bags per minute
  • check-mark-1Bag size: B 50mm – 250mm / L 100mm – 430mm
  • check-mark-1Filling weight: max. 1 Kg
  • check-mark-1Interfaces: USB, seriell, Ethernet
Labeling system for blood collection tubes from all manufacturers
High Throughput labeling of blood extraction tubes. igh Throughput labeling device for blood extraction tubes.
  • check-mark-1Automatic labeling System/li>
  • check-mark-1Easy tube supply
  • check-mark-1Expandable module
  • check-mark-1Label attachment position detection system
  • check-mark-1Exact placement of the label can be defined be the user.